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肯定回答 Yes,he/she does. 否定回答. No,he/she doesn't.

回答和翻译如下 : Yes , they do . No , they don't .

B 试题分析:句意:这是我几天前向你提到的有挑战的工作,现在你有没有想到什么人?第一空填the,特指“我几天前向你提到的有挑战的工作”,第二空不填,have …in mind是固定词组,“考虑 想到”,所以选B。

Does everyone want a challenging job? In spite of all the attention focused by the media, academicians, and social scientists on human potential...

填哪里 ?线画错了吧 _ and they will finish off the challenging job in a week . 一周后他们会完成这个颇具挑战的工作。 IN A WEEK 用于将来时 WEEK ALTER 和 AFTER A WEEK 用于过去式 。 这题选A .


1句意需要 2强调机构特点:去掉结构框架“it is/was···that”后余下部分句子结构完整。如果用强调句a job you are doing something serious but interesting.有多余部分了,即错句了。


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