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fall 1 [/fɔːl; fɔl/] v (pt fell [/fel; fɛl/], pp fallen [/ˈfɔːlən; ˋfɔlən/]) 1 [I, Ipr, Ip] come or go down from force of weight, loss of balance, etc; descend or drop 落下; 跌...


fall n. 1. 落下;跌倒[C][(+from)] 2. 降落;降落量[C] 3. 下降;减少[C][(+in)] 4. 落差[S][(+of)] 5. (政府)垮台;(城市、要塞)陷落[the S] 6. 堕落[S] 7. 【美】秋天[the S] 8. 瀑布[P] vi. 1. 落下;降落 2. 跌落;跌倒[(+over/down)] 3. 下降;减...

fall 英 [fɔ:l] 美 [fɔl] v. 落下; 跌倒; 减少; 沦陷; n. 落下; 瀑布; 秋天; 减少; 过去分词: fallen 过去式: fell 现在分词: falling 第三人称单数: falls

a fall [网络] 跌倒; 摔了一跤 [例句] My brother and I have bruises. My teachers see this and when they ask I tell them I had a fall. 我弟弟和我有很多瘀伤,被我的老师看到了然后问我,我就告诉他们我摔了一跤。

only fall 只有秋天


你好! fall 英[fɔ:l] 美[fɔl] v. 跌倒; 落下; 减少; 沦陷; n. 秋天; 落下; 瀑布; 减少; [例句]Totally exhausted, he tore his clothes off and fell into bed 他疲惫至极,扯下衣服,一头倒在床上。

I gave you all you desired All that you needed 我愿意给你渴望的一切 Boy, I provided I let you into my head Into my bed 亲爱的, 请深入我的灵魂 And that’s a privilege I had your back at the answers 我在等待你的回答 You took the d...


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