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估计你不会听到有人说 go to a trip。要么 go on a trip,要么 go for a trip。

区别是 go on a trip to 表示旅行还没开始,打算去旅行。 be on a trip to 表示旅行已经开始了,正在旅行中。 例句: go on a trip to 1、May I go on a trip to Beijing? 我可以去北京旅行吗? 2、Why don't we go on a trip to the Sun Island...

第一个意思是有一个去了什么地方的旅行 第二个意思是正在去什么地方旅行

go on a trip=take a trip=make a trip 例句: We're thinking of taking a trip to the mountains. He was unable to make the trip to accept the award. make a business trip to London出差到伦敦

We are planning to go out for a bicycle trip to the small island.

go on a trip [英][ɡəu ɔn ə trip][美][ɡo ɑn e trɪp] 旅行; trip [英][trɪp][美][trɪp] n.旅游,出行; 摔倒,绊倒; 绊(使某人跌倒的动作); 错误,过失; vi.绊倒,绊; 旅行; 轻快地走,跳; vt.使犯错误; 松开(...

楼主的意思是按照上的题目和主题句编一篇?只是不知道应该出国还是在境内? OK。给你两个答案你选哈 1. 去北京故宫 I plan to go visit the Imperial Palace in Beijing with my friends. It is a very famous royal palace in China for hundre...

where do you want to go on a trip? 全部释义和例句>> 你想去哪里旅行?

A trip to Beijing I will have a trip by plane to Beijing with my parents this year. First, we will visit the Tian’anmen Square, where we can watch the flag-rising and the beautiful sunrise. Next, we will go to the Forbidden Cit...


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