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or vice versa 举例: They never weep when they ought to laugh , or vice versa他们该笑的时候从来不哭,反之亦然。 and vice versa 举例 He likes me, and vice versa. 他喜欢我,我也喜欢他。 不知你现在能比较出2者的区别了吗????

vice versa本身就有也的意思 所以and or都一样 要么就是写错了

the compiler, or the precompiled header is C++ and you are using it from C (or vice versa)e:\vc++\chilunsheji\chilunsheji\loaddlg4.cpp11ChiLunS....

a insisted on being taken to Agra, to see the

Did you become aware of any assumptions they held about others or vice versa? 你意识到他们对其他人的任何假设,或反之亦然?

肯定词的翻译宣判变为句子含有否定者或者反之亦然措辞有的否定者 自己组织一下,抱歉



Command rejected (Port-channel): Either port is L2 and port-channel is L3, or vice-versa配置的时候出现了这个问题,该怎么解决 ...


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